養潤強化洗頭水 Hair Strengthening Shampoo

養潤強化洗頭水 Hair Strengthening Shampoo



Hair Strengthening Shampoo 「天然花葉香氣」 適用:強健頭皮及滋養髮根,也適合濕疹頭皮,達致頭皮水油平衡,提供滋潤和修復效果,預防頭髮斷裂和脆弱,增強頭髮的彈性和強度,促進頭髮生長,維護頭皮的健康狀態,使頭髮看起來更加健康亮麗。  特點: Calcium Pantothenate 鞏固毛囊、促修復及加強頭皮保護力,Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein 滋養髮芯、保護毛鱗片。 配合黃金比例天然植物萃成份,適用於平衡及強健頭皮和頭髮。 養潤強化洗頭水是一種具有保濕和滋養效果的洗髮產品,也適合濕疹頭皮,它可以帶來以下好處: 1. 保濕頭皮:減少頭皮乾燥和瘙癢的問題。 2. 滋養髮絲:增加髮絲的柔軟度和光澤度。它們可以修復受損的髮絲,減少斷裂和分叉的問題。 3. 強化髮質:增強髮絲的強度和彈性,減少脆弱和易斷的情況。 4. 增強頭皮免疫力:平衡滋養,強化頭皮、毛囊結構。 5. 提升洗髮體驗:具有天然愉悅的香氣和質地,使用時可以帶來舒適的洗髮體驗。它們可以清潔頭皮和髮絲,使其感覺清新、柔軟和順滑。 需要注意的是,不同的洗頭水可能含有不同效果,因此在選擇和使用時,最好根據自己的頭皮狀況和個人需求進行選擇。配合療程達致最佳效果。如果你有脫髮問題或頭皮護理需求,歡迎諮詢自然療髮中心®的專業建議。 使用方法:將適量的洗髮露塗抹於濕髮上,清潔頭皮及髮絲,然後沖洗。再重複相同步驟,並輕輕按摩頭皮,泡沫待3~5分鐘,然後徹底沖洗。 Hair Strengthening Shampoo 「Natural floral and leaf aroma」 Suitable For:Strengthens the scalp and nourishes the hair roots(eczema use), achieves a balance of hydrate and oil in the scalp, provides moisturizing and repairing effects, prevents hair breakage and fragility, enhances the elasticity and strength of hair, promotes hair growth, maintains the health of the scalp, and makes your hair healthier and brighter. Features: Calcium Pantothenate:Strengthen hair follicles, promote repair and enhance scalp protection. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: Nourish hair core, protect the hair scales, and cooperate with the golden ratio of botanical extracts are used to balance and strengthen the scalp and hair. The benefits of using NHRC Hair Strengthening Shampoo is a hydrating and nourishing shampoo ,that is also suitable for eczema scalp and can bring the following benefits: 1. Moisturize scalp: Reduce scalp dryness and itching problems. 2. Nourish hair: increase the softness and gloss of hair. They repair damaged hair strands and reduce breakage and split ends. 3. Strengthen hair quality: Enhance the strength and elasticity of hair and reduce fragility and breakage. 4. Enhance scalp immunity: balance and nourish, strengthen scalp and hair follicle structure. 5. Improve hair washing experience: It has a natural and pleasant aroma and texture, which can bring a comfortable hair washing experience when used. They cleanse the scalp and hair strands, leaving them feeling fresh, soft and smooth. It should be noted that different shampoos may have different effects, so when selecting and using them, it is best to choose based on your scalp condition and personal needs. Cooperate with the treatment to achieve the best results. If you have hair loss problems or scalp care needs, welcome to seek professional advice from Natural Hair Recovery Center®. How to use: Apply appropriate amount of shampoo to wet hair, clean scalp and hair, then rinse. Repeat the same steps and massage your scalp gently, leave the foam on for 3 to 5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

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